Dear 4talk users!

Starting today, all 4talk stickers will be free – price will be a post on social networks. There will be no new notifications of new sticker sets in the messenger. All available and new stickers will be displayed in 4talk Sticker store.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.09.57 PMIn case you choose to purchase stickers and support 4talk, all money received from Sticker store will be used only in the development of 4talk messenger!

Have fun on 4talk messenger!

Easter news!

Spread the warm feeling – get sticker set “John and Eve”, two cute angels in love! Or share special jokes for free in the festive season with “Leaders” stickers!





Beat boredom with new stickers!

Rise and shine! It’s time for new and free for Android stickers! Office set – stickers to improve office mood.


Ready for new hero?

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.00.16 PM

It’s here, in the Sticker Market and it’s awesome! Superhero Hedgehog will fight the worst mood! Meet spring with new heroes.

Share office fun in 4talk!



Difficult day at work? Boss is being too bossy? Use the latest sticker set to tell secretly office gossips and fun!

4talk invites users to submit their Sticker Set design

4talk recently announced opening of unique Sticker Market adding quite a number of characters and cartoons. From February 3rd every users can design their own set of stickers for 4talk market. In case of successful submissions, author will get 50% of the profit from illustrations.

“There are no strict rules, no limits for age or country. It’s all about having fun fun while creating the character. Stickers are fun and entertaining and we want to increase this in our 4talk application” says 4talk CEO Sergey Kravtsov. At the moment one of the most successful unique characters is Cat Arseniy, which was created according to the cat that is owned by company’s CEO.

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Check out new stickers on 4talk


Just few days after 4talk announced the release of unique Sticker Market for 4talk community, new set of stickers was introduced for users. All stickers are available for desktop and mobile application users.

4talk fans are already enjoying a signature character Cat Arseniy , exceptional housewife adventures and supersized emojies. The series of fun is continued as 4talk adds a friend for cat – super emotional puppy. If anyone had new year resolutions to travel more, to get fit or to become more trendy – set of Travel, Fitness and Hipster characters will let everyone to express it.

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4talk Unveils Unique Sticker Market


4talk announces their release of updated version for PC, Mac, iOS and Android users. This is one of the most important recent updates as it introduces unique Sticker Market for 4talk community and first monetization feature introduced by application developers.

 4talk has thousands of users who were waiting for Sticker Market to appear this winter. Main reason behind this was custom-made design. At the moment users can access six main categories of exclusive stickers and three categories of these are free to use. The most unique character that stands out in the new Sticker Market is a signature character Cat Arseniy who is an actual cat living together with his owner Sergey Kravtsov, the CEO of 4talk company.

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What’s new in 4talk latest update?

chatHolidays are over and it’s about time to catch up with everyone. Colleagues have some Christmas and New Year celebration stories.  Catch up with everyone with the newest 4talk IM version for iOS, which includes several new features.

The updated iOS app version allows users to change wallpapers of the active chat windows and change sounds for notifications. Personalized environment for conversation is fun and even cozier than ever. “Users have been hinting to these updates for some time and we were happy to add some personalized functions to the application that is with a users for many hours during a day.” Says CEO of 4talk Sergey Kravstov.

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Most popular devices


4talk family is full of different devices and different users. It’s only natural as 4talk app allows users to carry conversations from mobile to computer and back to mobile device. iOS users are the most active, maybe because they had a recent app update? Check how it’s fun to chat on iPhone! Is your device in our top 20 most used devices for 4talk?